Saturday, May 29, 2010

May Update

So obviously I haven't blogged for a while, here is what we've been up to.

First: We were able to skype with Riley on Mother's Day! It was so fun! He is seriously hilarious, he is such a little nerdy nerd and so unbelievably happy. He has definitely changed, grown up quite a bit. I miss him so much but I know he's where he needs to be.

Second: It was my birthday on the 15th!!! And dun dun dun... I got a bike!!! The cutest bike ever! For my birthday we went to Boondocks with some amazing friends and had tonz of fun! Everyone couldn't fit in the picture but it was me and Brian, Craig and Natalie, Hope and Brett, and Cody and Krista!

Then that weekend we rode up Provo trail with my family. It was so fun, I felt like a little kid all over again!

Brian, Savanna, Michelle, Sicily, Dad, Raym, Randal, me, and Zoe

Third: We have been riding our bikes everywhere (Brian got one for his amazing gpa). Last Sunday we rode to the park and had a picnic with our Zoe. She absolutely loves the park, however she's not such a fan of riding in the basket :) We also rode our bikes to the movie theater on Thursday to see Shrek! It was so cute, and a must see in 3D!

Coming Up: June 12th, 2010, Utah Valley Marathon. My goal is to beat my previous time of 5 1/2 hours... pitiful, I know.


Jarrett and Sydni said...

Oh my gosh Zoe looks so cute in that basket!! I LOVE your bike, looks like a fun b-day!

Tori said...

You guys are so cute! I thought you got a bike (just like this one) in NY? I seem to remember some pictures.

Glad you had a fun bday!

Bre and Bri said...

ha ha I did but we had to sell it cuz we couldn't get it home :(

Natalie and Craig said...

i love that you got a basket for the front, cuz on your bday you were a little bitter about no basket!!! and we need to go bike riding soon!! what are you up to in the next couple days?

The Gibbons Family said...

I love your cute pink bike! Haha! I'm glad we finally had lunch together!