Saturday, October 24, 2009

Goblins and Pumpkins

I haven't updated in forever so I'm putting two posts into one :)

First, we had a bunch of friends over to carve pumpkins and it was a blast! My favorite part was when Heather dropped her candle on the floor and wax spilled everywhere, so I -being the genius that I am- decided to heat it up with a hair dryer to try and wipe it up, but accidentally burned my carpet! Brian was not a happy camper :)

The newspaper did NOT help! We had pumpkin all over, it was so funny cuz Brian was seriously so crabby... crabby patty!!! (inside joke)

All the lit pumkins

Yes, Zoe got her own pumpkin. Diane carved it though... dog's can't carve pumkins, duh.

Our next adventure was over fall break. We went to leprechaun canyon and goblin valley with my fam. It was a weekend full of crazy moments, and a super sad day when I dropped my camera while repelling. I wish I had more of our actual hike in the slot canyons cuz it was freakin' sweet!

Sicily and Savanna though they were so cool with they're headlamps. It made me angry :)

We went on a night hike the night we got there, and if anyone has been on a slot canyon hike, you'll know what I'm talking about but you have to "stem" up these canyons. Basically you have to be spiderman and my Bri Bri is not a fan of heights, so the idea of trying to hold yourself up between two walls when you're 20 feet off the ground was a little too much for him, hence the face in the picture below. He is looking at what he will soon be climbing up :)

These are the final pictures I was able to take, the inside of the canyon is super cool so I'm bummed I didn't get more, but here you can see Brian being super brave and repelling down into the slot canyon.

It was a super fun weekend being with Brian and spending time with my family :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

One Year Down... Phew!

A year ago we were doing this...

Yesterday, we did this...



Eating the year old cake...

It was actually pretty good!

Well we made it a year... just a couple zillion to go... :)