Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy 23rd Birthday To My Brian!!!

Today Brian turned the big 2-3! Happy Birthday babe! We started the day off with balloons and breakfast at Gandolfo's followed by a full day of school. Then his parents were so awesome and took us all to Chili's where we got to enjoy the fabulous chocolate molten lava cake! We then finished the day off with a couple rounds of Settlers and of course my Bri Bri won both times! And so to honor this wonderful man I thought I would share one of my favorite memories involving him: It was winter time with about a foot of snow on the ground. Me and Brian were walking out of his house and I decided to be sneaky and attempt to throw a snowball at him. Now before I tell you what happened, you must know that I had tried this about a dozen times before and never once hit him. So I sweetly call out Briiiaaan... he turns around and BAM! The snowball hit him square in between the eyes! So hilarious because he had glasses on which got all covered in snow so he couldn't see. The best part of this story is Brian's reaction, he just stood there. I'm cracking up, dancing around trying not to pee my pants and Brian is just standing there stunned! This may have been one of those stories where you had to be there, but let me tell ya, it was funny! Love you Brian!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Home Sweet Home... Kinda

So Brian and I are getting married on October 10th and we're in the process of finding a house! In the meantime, I needed a place to stay without getting into a contract so I decided to rent out the basement of one of my dad's houses in Orem. Now, I lived there when I was younger and it seemed nice enough, so I thought it would be quite enjoyable... I was wrong. As we walk down the steps to this humble abode I notice there is duct tape holding one of the windows together. Hmm, I'm pretty sure that's not normal. We walk into the kitchen, it needs a little paint job, ya know, 10 or so spiders here and there, the living room seems okay with the exception that the carpet is so dirty I can't walk barefoot on it... no big deal right? Next is the bathroom, just a few more spiders and a showerhead that looks as though it's coming out of the wall, which by the way only sprays the window unless I hold it. Last but not least... my room. It honestly isn't that bad, it just needs a paint job, blinds, and a little spider spray and I should be good to go :)

Notice the two steps in the closet... yep I'm livin' the good life! :)
Hopefully just another month and I can quit checking everywhere for bugs! On the plus side, it feels good to be back in Utah :)