Saturday, February 28, 2009

No, you're eyes are not deceiving you!

caption: Vanilla Ice and Brian Woods

Yes that's right, Brian met Vanilla Ice! The concert was such a blast, we dressed 80s and went crazy in general admission. Actually, me and Brian were some of the very few who were actually dancing, it was sad news. Anyways, after the concert Vanilla Ice was signing autographs and there was an enormous line. Being the loser I am, I lasted only 30 minutes before I peaced out. If I had only waited one more hour, I would have the lasting memory that my husband will forever have... a picture with the ice ice baby guy :(

You have no idea how hard it was to convince Brian to even wear an orange shirt. He was such a good sport!

Bre, Brian, Jana, and Barney... Brian and I look like weirdos

At the end of the concert, Vanilla got on stage with Hammer during "Can't Touch This," one of the two songs the crowd actually went crazy for (the other being "Ice Ice Baby" if you didn't already guess) :) MC Hammer is the guy with the red shirt and vest and Vanilla Ice is the one with all the crazy bling on his black shirt. We later came to realize it wasn't real, just sparkles on a shirt!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can't Touch This!

So my lovely husband shocked me this Valentine's and went a little crazy! After he got home from school he surprised me with a teddy bear and a rose. Then off we went to see the movie "Taken." Loved it. After that we went to temple square and out to Chili's where I got to have my beloved quesadilla explosion salad :) Then, as if the day couldn't be any more perfect, he gave me a gift certificate for a massage at a day spa and... concert tickets to Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer! How fabulous is he?! I'm still trying to get him to dress early 90s for the concert but it's not looking to promising :( Direct quote: "Babe, if I dressed up like that I would have to kick my own ass." What a hopeless romantic!

Then to make our Valentine's weekend even more exciting we went over to my aunt Cathy's house for dinner on Sunday. As we're driving up we see this huge half pipe lookin' thing in her back yard. She had made this crazy sled run right down her rock wall... Of course we couldn't resist!

Yeah he's pretty hard core

This thing was steep so it's okay that I look scared to death

This is my cousin Tanner. He was so hilarious all bundled up in his snow clothes, he reminded us of the kid on A Christmas Story!
Good times.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh How We Love Our Wii!

Well it looks like Brian and I have finally met our match... Natalie and Craig are bigger Wii nerds than us! The following program may not be suitable for adults :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

25 Random Things About Me...

1. I love love love to sleep!

2. My favorite past time is playing Wii with my nerdy little gamer husband :)

3. I like to wear flip flops in the winter... the snow isn't that cold

4. I hate finding 7 towels on the floor after just a few days of doing laundry... Not quite sure how that works but my sweet hubby manages to do it quite frequently

5. I love to run. It clears my head and clears my conscience when I eat junk food.

6. I LOVE junk food :(

7. My mommy is my best friend

8. My dad is my hero

9. I am married to the most ambitious, intelligent, and logical man ever (sometimes my emotional side drives him nuts!)

10. I love to play sports even though I have no athletic talent whatsoever :)

11. I once scored 176 bowling! Brian got to make me breakfast the next morning cuz he lost :)

12. I love to have slumber parties with Brian in our living room... We always say we're going to stay up all night but 11:00 rolls around and we're out

13. My love language is physical touch... cuddling is the best!

14. I can't stand people who have to look like they know everything. It's okay to not know sometimes :)

15. My major accomplishments are graduating with my BS in Business Management, running a marathon, and getting married to a wonderful man. Now I just gotta get that wonderful man to give me a baby!

16. After 3 years of working my butt off in school I'm using my degree to work in the mall :) I hate when people ask me, "When are you going to get a real job?"

17. My favorite things to wear are jeans, hoodies, and flip flops

18. My favorite store to shop at right now is obviously Charlotte Russe. However, when my hubby starts makin' the big bucks I'm goin' to Saks 5th Avenue! (Don't tell him I said that)

19. I am probably one of the laziest people I know. When I get home I love to veg out and watch SVU with Brian.

20. My favorite restaurant is Chili's. I'm crossing my fingers we get to eat there for Valentine's Day!

21. My favorite holiday is my birthday! I love presents :)

22. I also love attention. If I ever feel neglected from my hubby I tend to do some pretty childish things like turning off the xbox in the middle of an important game or throwing ghiradelli chocolates at him until he plays with me :)

23. My favorite place I've been to is New York! It's just like the movies!

24. I love when Brian tickles my back and plays with my hair, it puts me right to sleep!

25. My favorite color is pink!

Okay, so I tag Becky, Krista, Morgan, Paityn, and Tori! Good luck!