Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Halloween Part I

Yesterday we had our friends over and we all carved pumpkins! Here's our group... Don't mind Brian's seductive face :) No, he did not do that on purpose
All lit up!
Our little family. Asha is a bumblebee and Zoe is a little piggy!
Ha ha Zoe hates being dressed and just stands there depressed. Poor girl
I promise this costume fit Asha when we bought it. She is a little chunker and eats everything in sight.. everything!

Our cute girls with their pumpkins

Stay tuned for me and Brian's costumes this year... it was Brian's turn to choose ;)

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today Brian and I have been married for 2 years! It's the weirdest feeling because I feel like I've been married way longer than that, but at the same time it seems crazy that it's already been 2 years. Brian was so sweet, he planned a very romantic getaway and threw me off with every little thing. Friday night I was told to be ready with an overnight bag and be ready to go as soon as he got off work. We stopped by target... very weird. Then we went to Costa Vida. The whole time he was telling me that we had to hurry or we would be late for our appointment. But yet, he was making all these random stops. We finally end up at Little America, the hotel we stayed at the night of our wedding! He reserved a honeymoon suite so the cute girl at the front desk told us congratulations on just getting married and we totally went along with it :) When we got to the room there were chocolate covered strawberries and peach sparkling cider with a rose. It was perfect. The next day we played around in Salt Lake. We went to breakfast at a really yummy hole in the wall, went to the LDS History Museum, went shopping at Gateway, and went and saw The Town. After our day in Salt Lake, we went to Red Robin at the Provo Mall where Brian told me that he would let me pick out diamond earrings! Psych. We ate our dinner and left the mall... without diamond earrings. I know, what a jerk ;) That night, a little after midnight, Brian went and got our bag of snacks we got from Target and told me to pick out my favorite treat. I was tired and definitely not in the mood for junk food. I peaked in the bag anyway and there was a little white box... yes, there were diamond earrings inside. It was such a good surprise! A little mean, but a great surprise! Today we've just been lounging around, ate some yummy crepes, and are just enjoying the time we have together.

Inside the hotel room...
Eating breakfast at the Royal Eatery
Brian even splurged and got me the breast cancer awareness tub of popcorn!!!

It was a perfect weekend. I'm just sad we have to go back to real life now ;)
Happy 2 years babe!