Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Favorite 2nd Grade Quotes Part II

I'm reading a book where it shows part of the animal on one page and the rest of the animal on the next...

Teacher:... That was a platypus...
Student: Oh I knew it was a potato!

Teacher:... That was a water glider, they use their legs to walk on water...
Student: Hey, that's just like Jesus!

A 1st grader is crying outside my door so I go out to see if he is okay. (The doors lead to outside) He is crying and holding a packaged brownie...

Teacher: Are you okay bud? What happened?
Student: (sobbing) Someone hit my eye and it really hurts
Teacher: Well it looks okay to me, make sure your mommy rinses it out with water when you get home okay. Do you want me to put your brownie in your backpack so it's easier to ride your scooter?
Student: (still sobbing) Someone threw this (talking about the brownie) at me and it hit my eye
Teacher: (trying not to laugh) Okay well do you want me to throw it away for you?
Student: (of course, still sobbing) No, I want to eat it
Teacher: (now laughing) Okay, let me put it in your backpack for you

Oh man, these kids are hilarious!