Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Favorite 2nd Grade Quotes Part I

"Mrs. Woods, can I call you Mrs. FireWoods?"
(you know, firewood...)

"And also, this is my 'bionicule' and it spits fire, and also, I lost a piece, and also it can make earthquakes, and also..." (not sure how to spell that)

"I am already a good reader and I am insulted that you want me to read in reading centers."

Teacher: "You need to write about what you just did in r.a.d. KIDS." (literally 20 minutes ago)
Student: "My brain can't think back that far."

Student: "That kid over there hit me!"
Teacher: "Okay, thank you for telling me, are you okay?"
Student: "Oh I'm tough, I just wanted to tell you."

"Maybe someone didn't turn in their homework because they are afraid to tell you they lost it."

And my very favorite so far...

Teacher: "Why shouldn't we tell strangers that our parents aren't home?"
Student: "Because then they will KILL our parents!"

I am loving (student) teaching!!! :)