Friday, December 23, 2011

Velkommen Hjem Eldste Bennett

I can't believe he's home!!!
Ha ha the video below is taken by Michelle who was getting off the plane with him and that guy talking was a passenger who was on his phone... Ha ha hilarious!

Welcome Home!!!

Welcome home Yi!!!

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Monday, October 10, 2011

3 Years Baby

Happy Anniversary Brain! 3 years ago we were two dummies who had no idea what we were in for... Now we're just two dummies with 3 years of married life behind us. I look forward to many many more years with you!

Aw yeah... 3 years!!! ;)

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Brian's turned 26 yesterday! I thought it was the coolest date to have a birthday so we had a big party! I did everything poker theme... it's amazing the things they have at party stores! We had a poker tournament that lasted the whole night and we took a few breaks for food, cake, and even a pinata!!! Ha ha it was hilarious to see a bunch of adults diving for candy!

The Decorations...

The food...
Brian's presents... a poker set, a pharmacist tie, and an iTrip
And the cake... supposed to be a black jack table and the white and red blob on top is supposed to be cards... Cake Boss makes it look so easy... Liars!!!
I made Brian wait in his room for a few minutes so I could finish up last minute details, he got his birthday hat and his birthday cup to entertain him while he waited :) When he finally came out he was so excited!
Ha ha he went a little nuts and started kicking the blow up dice around (I blame myself for making him stay in his room waiting with anticipation) and I was trying to take pictures when suddenly he turned to me and nailed me with a blow up dice! Ha ha it turned out to be a great pic though!
Asha was NOT a fan of him doing this, poor girl ran down to our entry way and hid under the chair :(
The crew playing poker... very intense ;)

The pinata! A little dangerous but so much fun!
And of course the doggies didn't like this part either!
And the group photo... Such a fun group of friends! We missed you guys that weren't able to come though!

Happy Birthday Brian! I hope you know you had your birthday on the coolest date ever!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Better Afters

I love D.I.!!! It's definitely hit or miss but I have had some amazing finds!

Before... $25 for both
After... Chair for my bedroom!
After... Chair for the entryway

Before... $2
After... Now my perfume tray!
Before... $15
After... End table
Before... $10

After... My new headboard!

Before... $10
After... End table!
I don't have a before, but this was only $2 at a yard sale!
These were here when we moved in... no before pic, but they had ugly brown wood and yucky maroon covering
$15 on craigslist for both... not bad before but how adorable are they now?!
Dresser from Brian's mom... boring brown before
Nightstand from Brian's grandparents... again, boring brown before :)
And my favorite find so far! Before... $15

After... Entertainment center!
Love the detailing!
I spray painted everything, very easy! Spray paint is $3 a bottle at Wal Mart and there's this sweet spray paint for hardware there too! I Mod Podged fabric scraps onto the perfume tray and colorful chairs, and it was suprisingly easy to cover the stools and the green and blue chairs.... staple guns are magical! And best of all, I'm able to furnish my house on a budget! (Brian likes that part :) Check out "Better After" and "Classy Clutter" for great tips on re-doing furniture... Be careful though, it's addicting!!!


We were able to go to Texas in June for my mommy's wedding... unfortunately Craig (groom to be) "broke his belly" and was in the hospital the whole time :( So no wedding while we were there, but they did get married shortly after, as soon as he was better! We still had a good time (prob not Craig) shopping, going to the pool, and going to this sweet restaurant with live music and dancing!
Bre and Mommy
Chandler, Kauner, Sar, and Bre
And it wouldn't be a trip to Texas without a visit to Buffalo Wild Wings... Brian's favorite!

We luhhhh Tejas!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Asha!!!

My little puppy turned 1 today! Her favorite things to do are play fetch and eat pens! Ha ha she's a crazy dog but we love her!
When we first got her she would climb on Brian's shoulders every time we drove somewhere
And she has a really hard time keeping her eyes open for pictures... ha ha I couldn't find a better one than this!

Happy Birthday Asha!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Update Time!!!

Wow a lot has happened since I last updated so I'll try to keep it brief! First, I finished my student teaching and graduated with my Masters of Education from University of Phoenix! My mom came into town and we had a blast with everyone! My last day of student teaching, my teacher had a self-starter for the kids... How many years of school has Mrs. Woods gone to?
Answer: 19 Yeah, I think I'm good for a bit :)
Obviously I was slacking and didn't get a ton of pictures but I do want to thank my parents for being so supportive and of course my wonderful husband for being patient with me :)
Dad, Michelle, and me at Pizza Factory for my graduation dinner!
Sar, Kauner, Brian, Bre, Mom, and Craig at graduation
Tess, Erin, Bre, and Steph
The whole class!!!

That night, my family left and Brian and I headed out with Cody and Krista for our cruise! So much fun... All I can say is wondering what to wear each day was my biggest stress so it was amazing! The highlight of the cruise was definitely the zipline and the bungee jumping! Cody was the one who suggested it and until after we actually jumped, he was on our bad list for suggesting such a terrible idea. For those that know Brian pretty well, you probably know that Brian is DEATHLY afraid of heights... so I'm thinking I should go first to kind of warm him up and make it not so bad. Well when I finally got up there to jump, HOLY FREAK! It's scary! So it took me a good 15 to 20 minutes but I finally "jumped." The word jumped is in quotes because although I thought I jumped, pictures show otherwise. I sort of just fell... At least I did it right?

Next was Brian's turn... that man did not hesitate one second and flew out like a bird! No lie!

Of course after we jumped we loved Cody for suggesting such a great idea!
Right after everything... relief that we are alive and excitement for surviving!

Right before the zip line
They let us do a tandem line... it was so much fun!
And of course the other highlights of the trip were shopping, ice cream time, and poncho time!!!

It was a great trip and we had so much fun with Cody and Krista!

And for my last item of business... I got a job! I will be working at Clear Horizons Academy in Provo! It is a private school for Autistic children and although I am very nervous, I am incredibly excited!!!

And I'm out.