Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July Weekend!!!

What a weekend! Of course Utah doesn't completely celebrate the 4th on Sunday so instead we got a whole weekend of fun!

Friday Night: Drive-In with Cody and Krista... saw Knight and Day and somehow managed to convince the guys to see Eclipse too!
Saturday Night: Brian barbecued then we met up with Cody, Krista, Brett, and Hope for the Pleasant Grove fireworks and then some of our own!
Sunday: Amazing day at church, played games with Brian's family then dinner, a movie, and fireworks at my family's house!

I am so grateful to live in this country and I am proud to be an American!!!
Our little family at the PG fireworks
Brett, Cody, and Brian... don't give either of these guys a roman candle or a bottle rocket!!!
Hope, Bre, and Krista
Zoe and Scout weren't so sure about those fireworks
How many Bennett's does it take to light a firework? :)
Of course we took Zoe with us everywhere so she was beat at the end of every night. Here she is trying to look at me but she can't quite keep her eyes open :)