Sunday, September 11, 2011


Brian's turned 26 yesterday! I thought it was the coolest date to have a birthday so we had a big party! I did everything poker theme... it's amazing the things they have at party stores! We had a poker tournament that lasted the whole night and we took a few breaks for food, cake, and even a pinata!!! Ha ha it was hilarious to see a bunch of adults diving for candy!

The Decorations...

The food...
Brian's presents... a poker set, a pharmacist tie, and an iTrip
And the cake... supposed to be a black jack table and the white and red blob on top is supposed to be cards... Cake Boss makes it look so easy... Liars!!!
I made Brian wait in his room for a few minutes so I could finish up last minute details, he got his birthday hat and his birthday cup to entertain him while he waited :) When he finally came out he was so excited!
Ha ha he went a little nuts and started kicking the blow up dice around (I blame myself for making him stay in his room waiting with anticipation) and I was trying to take pictures when suddenly he turned to me and nailed me with a blow up dice! Ha ha it turned out to be a great pic though!
Asha was NOT a fan of him doing this, poor girl ran down to our entry way and hid under the chair :(
The crew playing poker... very intense ;)

The pinata! A little dangerous but so much fun!
And of course the doggies didn't like this part either!
And the group photo... Such a fun group of friends! We missed you guys that weren't able to come though!

Happy Birthday Brian! I hope you know you had your birthday on the coolest date ever!!!