Saturday, February 28, 2009

No, you're eyes are not deceiving you!

caption: Vanilla Ice and Brian Woods

Yes that's right, Brian met Vanilla Ice! The concert was such a blast, we dressed 80s and went crazy in general admission. Actually, me and Brian were some of the very few who were actually dancing, it was sad news. Anyways, after the concert Vanilla Ice was signing autographs and there was an enormous line. Being the loser I am, I lasted only 30 minutes before I peaced out. If I had only waited one more hour, I would have the lasting memory that my husband will forever have... a picture with the ice ice baby guy :(

You have no idea how hard it was to convince Brian to even wear an orange shirt. He was such a good sport!

Bre, Brian, Jana, and Barney... Brian and I look like weirdos

At the end of the concert, Vanilla got on stage with Hammer during "Can't Touch This," one of the two songs the crowd actually went crazy for (the other being "Ice Ice Baby" if you didn't already guess) :) MC Hammer is the guy with the red shirt and vest and Vanilla Ice is the one with all the crazy bling on his black shirt. We later came to realize it wasn't real, just sparkles on a shirt!


Tasha and Ryan said...

Oh how fun. I am soooo jealous- if i wasn't pregnant ryan and i were totally going to hit up this concert. we drove past it- and it looked pack. was it? i talked to your hubs the other day and he said you guys are going to long island in two months- where has the year went? How is work going for you? i sure miss you!

morgan said...

Haha! I love your outfits! Tell Brian it looks like he's going huntin! :) Lets get together again soon! Love you!

Kipp and Ashlee said...

Nice, nice baby... haha, get it?! I was just talking about this concert with some friends. That's awesome you guys went.

Natalie said...

thats so funny that you actually got him to dress up a little! next time you guys go to a fun concert you better let us know! looks like you had a blast!

AVON*Lady said...

Thats awesome!!! Yay at least he dressed up a little right!!