Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crazy Peeps and Bouncing Girls!

This past week was really fun! It started with a fun game of bowling with Craig and Natalie, which got a little crazy by the third game when me and Nat started bustin' out the robot... She's really good

Natalie is sad cuz her scarf somehow ended up on her head :(

Then Friday night Paityn, Myleka, and I decided to have a slumber party... literally! We stayed up until 5am talking about who knows what, watching Princess Diaries :) We started the night off at P.F. Changs, followed by a little Jump On It. I highly recommend that place!

Yeah we're pretty much experts in the flipping industry

Those are some very sweaty, shiny girls

I just want to say I love my crazy friends who allow me to be my crazy self!

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