Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can't Touch This!

So my lovely husband shocked me this Valentine's and went a little crazy! After he got home from school he surprised me with a teddy bear and a rose. Then off we went to see the movie "Taken." Loved it. After that we went to temple square and out to Chili's where I got to have my beloved quesadilla explosion salad :) Then, as if the day couldn't be any more perfect, he gave me a gift certificate for a massage at a day spa and... concert tickets to Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer! How fabulous is he?! I'm still trying to get him to dress early 90s for the concert but it's not looking to promising :( Direct quote: "Babe, if I dressed up like that I would have to kick my own ass." What a hopeless romantic!

Then to make our Valentine's weekend even more exciting we went over to my aunt Cathy's house for dinner on Sunday. As we're driving up we see this huge half pipe lookin' thing in her back yard. She had made this crazy sled run right down her rock wall... Of course we couldn't resist!

Yeah he's pretty hard core

This thing was steep so it's okay that I look scared to death

This is my cousin Tanner. He was so hilarious all bundled up in his snow clothes, he reminded us of the kid on A Christmas Story!
Good times.


Tasha and Ryan said...

How fun! What a sweetheart you have! He is getting the hang of this Valentine's day thing!! I think those are the things that keep a marriage going! =) That is just awesome!!! You two are too cute. We need to get together soon- and before my baby shower!

morgan said...

I'm so jealous of your tickets! Ask Brian if I can go in place of him! :) lol! And might I say that half pipe-y thing is awesome! I want to go over there and take Bre down it!

Tori said...

Are you even old enough to know who Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer are?!

Tell Brian he needs some gold lamme pants that cinch up tight on his ankles, but the crotch hangs to his knees. They look very comfy and you could probably smuggle a cooler of snacks to the concert in them.

You guys are funny

Aaron and Steph said...

holy cow, that is one steep hill! how fun =) How are you guys?? Going out selling this summer?

California Theler's said...

hi honey...i have already added you guys...didnt you see your link under my friends and family? your blog is darling too. i miss you and lov eyou tons!!

AVON*Lady said...

Was the concert so much fun!!!!!