Friday, September 18, 2009

Road Trip!

I never posted our road trip home so better late than never right?

Our first stop was Palmyra where we saw The Sacred Grove and The Hill Cumorah. It was an amazing place. After that we headed up to Niagara Falls and snuck Zoe on a trolley ride and up to the observation deck. We got a lot of weird stares but it was worth it.

Our cute missionary tour guide with us in front of the Palmyra temple

Sacred Grove

Hill Cumorah

Niagara Falls

After that, we stopped by the Kirtland temple to take pictures and then headed to Carthage Jail. The feeling we got was indescribable. Seeing these sights, realizing that Joseph Smith stood in the very same spots we were standing, and being in the actual places where everything happened really strengthened our testimonies. (Not to get all preachy :)

Kirtland Temple

Carthage Jail

This is the window Joseph Smith fell through after being shot. You can see a bullet hole on the door if you look close, that's the shot that killed Hyrum.
Our last stop was Nauvoo. The temple is amazing. It is an exact replica of the original temple on the outside with modern designs inside. It's insane that back in 1840 they were able to make such a beautiful, intricate building. It's a wonder how they do it now days, I can't imagine how they did it back then.

This statue of Joseph and Hyrum shows where they overlooked Nauvoo right before they left for Carthage Jail, knowing they would not be back. Joseph Smith said, "This is the loveliest place and the best people under the heavens; little do they know the trials that await them." I can't even fathom the courage the saints had to have during that time. I am grateful for them and their faith in the church. I would like to think I would be able to endure the way they did, but I'm highly doubtful. So I am just grateful.

This roadtrip was very fun, spiritual, and educational. I learned so much and if anyone has the opportunity to go to these sights, go. I realized how grateful I am to be alive in this day and age and for the wonderful husband I have.
NOTE: I tried to keep the cheesiness to a minimum but I failed miserably... Don't hate me forever :)


Brooke and Jared said...

I'm so jealous you stopped at all of those places on your way back! Beautiful pictures Bre. So glad you got to see those sacred places.

morgan said...

I'm seriously so jealous! I hope someday I can get to see all those places! I bet the Spirit was amazing!

Kimberly said...

What an awesome road trip! I've never been to a lot of those places, that's cool that you got to go.