Thursday, September 3, 2009


Okay peeps, so my sweetest Morgan recently let me in on a little shopping secret of hers, and this last Wednesday I reaped the benefits!!! The idea is to clip those fabulous coupons and wait for things to go on sale and use your coupons in addition to the sale price... it's AMAZING! This is what I got...

2-boxes of Cheez-Its
2-boxes of Oreos
2-jars Kraft Miracle Whip
2-Palmolive liquid dish soap
4-boxes Swiffer refills
1-40 oz bottle Heinz ketchup
3-Bounce dryer bars
1-Renuzit air freshener
2-boxes Nature Valley granola bars
6-packs DanActiva yogurt
2-packs Danimals yogurt
4-packs Danimals smoothies
4-Pillsbury Grands biscuits
1-box Kellogg's Cinnabon bars
6-boxes Hefty one-zip baggies
4-bags Kroger shredded cheese
1-45 oz Country Crock butter spread
2-64oz Sunny D
10-Kool-Aid packets
4-Totinos pizza

Total Cost: $72.76
Total Savings: $112.09

3-boxes Special K cereal
3-boxes Special K crackers
6-boxes Special K bars

Total Cost: $5.10
Total Savings: $24.10

If any of you are interested in this fabulous find, go to She Shops Smart and it explains it all!


Tasha and Ryan said...

Bri- I just started couponing too! IT's sooooooooooooo addicting! WHere did you get all your s tuff at?!

morgan said...

Good job!!! It is addicting and you'll keep getting better and better!!! Call me if you want to go with us next week!

Tori said...

You are quite the coupon cutter! I'm going to check it out

AVON*Lady said...

Congrats thats how I shop!! It's so amazing, and nice to save like 200 dollars for food in a month!