Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wedding Time!!!

Disclaimer: Um I have no idea how the title "wedding time" posted on my blog but it did. I also have no idea how to get rid of it so just ignore that :)

I don't have my official wedding pics yet which is such a bummer but I do have some of my family:)

My cutest Brian with his jitters

Gma W, Sar, and Mommy... my sister is making that face on purpose... she is a very special girl :)

Neal, Tiff, Mommy, and Sar

My 3 little bros, Kauner, Raym, and Randal. It was awesome how they totally bonded

Me, Savanna, Michelle, and Sicily getting manicures and pedicures before the big day!

Sarah, Sicily, Savanna, and Brian... You can tell he's happy to be there :)

Cathy, me, and Sar. Thank you so much Cathy for doing my wedding video, it is amazing!

Me and my future husband at our rehearsal. He was so funny when he first came in cuz he was all pale and clamy and a little testy. It probably didn't help that my mom kept laughing at him... it really was funny :)

Brian, me, and my grandma and grandpa Wright. My grandma made sure that I wore something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a penny in my shoe!
I should have more of everyone but I am so disorganized right now so I have no clue where they are. I just want to say thank you to Mark, Paityn, James, Sicily, Riley, Savanna, Kauner, Sar, Raym, and Randal for being in our wedding party... you guys were great! And thank you Raym for wearing your flower even though it was "for girls!"

And once again, there is no rhyme or reason to the order of the pictures :)

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