Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cabo San Lucas!!!

So my new husband and I are kinda spoiled and were able to go on a cruise to Cabo and Ensenada for our honeymoon! It was so much fun up until the last night when Brian got food poisoning. We went to get him some medicine and the medical center put us on confinement in our room until the next day so we were stuck watching Juno over and over. Good memories :)

View of Ensenada from the ship

On the beach in Cabo!

View of Cabo from the ship

Our fun little formal night!

The ship had like 7 pools (I may be exaggerating a tiny bit) so on the sea days we just layed out and ate everything we could!
In front of our fabulous little ship!

At a restaurant in Ensenada... our dinner was only $12 for both of us!

Our awesome dinner group, two were honeymooners and two were on their 7 year anniversary. The joke was always on Brian because he never liked any of the fancy food they had so he would always have to order another dish and it would always be salmon. And for dessert he would always get the chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream... good times!

Brian entered the ping pong tournament and completely dominated the first round... there were 6 :)

Our taxi ride home :(

We did a mile walk for breast cancer awareness! And yes, Brian was thrilled :)

When we were in Cabo the little kids kept begging us to buy stuff and I felt so bad so we bought like everything but then we ran out of cash and the little girl latched onto me and wouldn't let go. It's funny now, but so sad at the time.

At a restaurant in Cabo. 4 pieces of shrimp, 3 baby tacos, and a diet coke... 35 dollars!
On the beach in Cabo! The water was so warm and perfectly blue and the sand was so soft... It was perfect!

So I know these pictures aren't in any kind of order but for some reason the copy and paste is not working so here is the jist of it


Paityn and Mark said...

Very very fun! It looks like you guys did so much cool stuff. Love all the pictures!!

morgan said...

Oh my! I am so jealous! Next cruise, we are all going together ok! :) It looks like you guys had a blast, minus the whole food poisoning part, poor brian! I love you girl!!! Call us!