Friday, September 5, 2008

Home Sweet Home... Kinda

So Brian and I are getting married on October 10th and we're in the process of finding a house! In the meantime, I needed a place to stay without getting into a contract so I decided to rent out the basement of one of my dad's houses in Orem. Now, I lived there when I was younger and it seemed nice enough, so I thought it would be quite enjoyable... I was wrong. As we walk down the steps to this humble abode I notice there is duct tape holding one of the windows together. Hmm, I'm pretty sure that's not normal. We walk into the kitchen, it needs a little paint job, ya know, 10 or so spiders here and there, the living room seems okay with the exception that the carpet is so dirty I can't walk barefoot on it... no big deal right? Next is the bathroom, just a few more spiders and a showerhead that looks as though it's coming out of the wall, which by the way only sprays the window unless I hold it. Last but not least... my room. It honestly isn't that bad, it just needs a paint job, blinds, and a little spider spray and I should be good to go :)

Notice the two steps in the closet... yep I'm livin' the good life! :)
Hopefully just another month and I can quit checking everywhere for bugs! On the plus side, it feels good to be back in Utah :)

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Kimberly Ngarupe said...

oh no! you hate spiders! or at least you used to.