Thursday, August 28, 2008

Brian John Woods

This is my future husband Brian Woods. He is a salesman for Apx alarm and a dang good one too! For the past four months he has been knocking door to door in Baltimore, MD selling security systems. I am so proud of him for staying motivated and having a positive attitude! This summer has been crazy, and although we both can't wait for it to be over and get back home, it has been quite eventful. We have had so many memories packed into this summer, some great and some depressing. Everything including our fabulous trips to New York and DC, the Saturday night dinners compliments of Apx, buying a pimped out ford focus, Sundays at the pool, that stinkin' ford focus dying in the middle of the street, knocking doors in the blazing heat (I don't know how you do it babe), living in a hotel for almost three weeks, selling that ford focus for a crappy price, getting our butts kicked in the ocean, and many many more! None of this would be possible without my hard working Brian. Thank you so much babe, I love you lots!

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