Sunday, June 5, 2011

Update Time!!!

Wow a lot has happened since I last updated so I'll try to keep it brief! First, I finished my student teaching and graduated with my Masters of Education from University of Phoenix! My mom came into town and we had a blast with everyone! My last day of student teaching, my teacher had a self-starter for the kids... How many years of school has Mrs. Woods gone to?
Answer: 19 Yeah, I think I'm good for a bit :)
Obviously I was slacking and didn't get a ton of pictures but I do want to thank my parents for being so supportive and of course my wonderful husband for being patient with me :)
Dad, Michelle, and me at Pizza Factory for my graduation dinner!
Sar, Kauner, Brian, Bre, Mom, and Craig at graduation
Tess, Erin, Bre, and Steph
The whole class!!!

That night, my family left and Brian and I headed out with Cody and Krista for our cruise! So much fun... All I can say is wondering what to wear each day was my biggest stress so it was amazing! The highlight of the cruise was definitely the zipline and the bungee jumping! Cody was the one who suggested it and until after we actually jumped, he was on our bad list for suggesting such a terrible idea. For those that know Brian pretty well, you probably know that Brian is DEATHLY afraid of heights... so I'm thinking I should go first to kind of warm him up and make it not so bad. Well when I finally got up there to jump, HOLY FREAK! It's scary! So it took me a good 15 to 20 minutes but I finally "jumped." The word jumped is in quotes because although I thought I jumped, pictures show otherwise. I sort of just fell... At least I did it right?

Next was Brian's turn... that man did not hesitate one second and flew out like a bird! No lie!

Of course after we jumped we loved Cody for suggesting such a great idea!
Right after everything... relief that we are alive and excitement for surviving!

Right before the zip line
They let us do a tandem line... it was so much fun!
And of course the other highlights of the trip were shopping, ice cream time, and poncho time!!!

It was a great trip and we had so much fun with Cody and Krista!

And for my last item of business... I got a job! I will be working at Clear Horizons Academy in Provo! It is a private school for Autistic children and although I am very nervous, I am incredibly excited!!!

And I'm out.


Raul said...

You look like you are having fun. Congrats on getting your masters and a "real" job. :) I like your hair blonde and you look so good and skinny!! I got your message the other day I'm sad I missed your call, we were at Disneyworld for the weekend and Ava had a blast! - Emily

Jarrett and Sydni said...

Bre it looks like you're having a blast!! Yay on finding a job we need to go to lunch to catch up for sure:)

Stephanie said...

Wow congratulations!!! That is such a great accomplishment, I could NEVER keep up with that much school! Your hair looks blonder and it's super cute!
K bungee jumping??? CRAZY, again, another thing I could never do!
Good luck with your new job! I'm sure you'll be great at that

Tori said...

Yay BreAnna! Congrats on all your accomplishments :)

Rebecca said...

Way to go you amazing woman! So so proud of you Bre :) and congrats on the job, keep us posted on how it goes, what a cool experience!