Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween Part II

This year was a lot of fun! Friday night we went to a party at Brian's cousin's and Saturday we had our friend party. So much fun!!! This year Brian chose to go as Toad and Toadette from Mario Brothers... not his worst idea ;) I didn't get any pictures at the first party but here are some from our friend party!
Craig and Nat were iPod ear buds... love it!
Eric and Diane... so white trash ;)
Ha ha Mike and Heather are lesbians... everyone was hitting on Mike that night!
Cody and Krista, flapper girl and gangster guy... adorable as always!
Brett and Hope, the hunter and his deer... so funny!
And lastly, the group...

We played a lot of fun games and ate a lot of junk food... it was a blast!
Happy Halloween!!!!


Jarrett and Sydni said...

Ok I am impressed with Brian, seriously impressed. You guys look so cute, it makes me sad we didn't dress up!

morgan said...

oh my heck! cutest costumes i've ever, EVER seen! good job brian!!