Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Okay this post is totally out of order but I couldn't figure this dumb thing out so New Year's is first, in no particular order. And then Christmas, also in no particular order

For New Year's we spent time with a bunch of friends and in true married couple tradition, we played games the whole night! My favorite was "I've Never..." Oh man I learned a lot about our little group of friends! Here are some pics from that night...The next day we went sledding with my family and then shooting with his friends... I didn't actually shoot a gun, but I took a picture anyway :)

We were hard core let me tell ya

Brian's fake smile... I love it!

Brian had a lot of fun picking on my little brothers with the snow :)

Happy New Year's!

Natalie and Craig

Mike and Heather...Freaking propose already Mike! :)

Cody and Krista

Eric and Diane

Hope and Brett... Thanks for hosting!

Brian and I had a lot of fun this year! He finally took me to temple square to see the lights and even bought me some hot chocolate :) Christmas Eve we slept at my parent's house and watched my little brothers enjoy Santa... it was the best! It was strange without Riley but we spent time with both our families and had a blast. Here are some pictures...
Zoe was exhausted after a long day of all play and no sleep :)

I'm so glad I got this face expression on camera!
This vest is pretty much the most amazing thing ever, it holds all his ammo and stuff...

Temple Square

Zoe was such a good sport to be Santa's helper :)

We had an amazing weekend and I'm so grateful we were able to spend so much time together!


Aaron and Steph said...

Awww cute! How are you and Brian doin? P.s. if you do ever get messages from "Steph" and it's blocked for privacy, yes that's still me! For some reason my computer keeps my gmail account logged in for my journal blog. You still workin out at 24- hour?? I'm thinking about going back there to finish up my internship if I can find the time with a baby!

AVON*Lady said...

Looks like you had a great time! Sorry to hear about the job. Have checked with charolette Russe again??? I still like that store lol, well some of the time, what degree do you have again?