Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another Celebrity Sighting!!!

So obviously I haven't blogged in a while, I just haven't had a lot of blog worthy material... until now! My mommy came to visit this last week and we went to the city every day, it was so fun! The most awesome part was right after we got off our first stop, my mom noticed some bright lights down this alley way so we went to check it out. And this is who we saw...

Russell Brand! You may recognize him from comedies such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, or Bedtime Stories! However, being the complete idiot I am, I just stared. Star struck again. I managed to get some super good pics though!

We did a lot while she was here, all the touristy stuff on a double decker bus! The best part was Canal street, going in the secret back rooms and bargaining with the chinese peeps. I guess there was a huge bust last year so we had to be sneaky, they had walky talkies and everything. There was even one point where they wouldn't show us anything cuz the cops were out. It was awesome!

Mommy with her bf Craig. He was so patient while we were shopping, I was impressed!

On the LIRR train

The night tour was so sweet

Central Park

Brian was able to come with us one of the days and I'm so glad he did! It was great to have all of us spending time together. This picture makes me laugh cuz he was having the hardest time with his poncho, as you can see, his head is in the sleeve :)


morgan said...

You look just like your mama! Both so pretty! Man I sure do wish we were there! I'm jealous! I miss you like crazy! I'm glad you finally updated! :) Love you!!!

Tasha and Ryan said...

You and your mom look so much alike!! =) how's long island? you ready to come home to utah?

Aaron and Steph said...

Wow you see celebrities everywhere! Russell Brand is HILARIOUS! I have to agree that you do look like your mom.. and she looks so young! I'm glad you get to get out and see such fun things in Long Island, makes the summer not so hard!

Tori said...

How fun! I wanna come out and spend a weekend too! We miss you

AVON*Lady said...

I MISS NEW YORK!!! I loved it out there! How long are you staying out there for?