Sunday, May 31, 2009

We Be Ridin'

This week was very important for Brian. He officially became a member of the exclusive "Scooter Club." This is a very high honor and one can only become a member once he or she obtains 25 sales. Only 5 guys in the office are members so far so I was quite proud of my honey.

So because Brian worked his fine booty off and earned a razor, I deserved to buy myself a bike right? Umm... Well I bought one anyway and I'm lovin' every minute of it! Today we went riding with our little Zoes in my basket. We survived without any accidents today but we weren't so lucky yesterday, I went to slow down and Zoe got all excited and jumped out and did a flip thing and hit her head and landed flat on her back. She got up and looked at me with her sad little face like 'why would you do that to me mommy?' It was awful. She was a brave soul and got in the basket again today but she was shaking like crazy by the time I took her out. I promise I don't mean to torture my dog :(

Brian had to take my bike for a spin but something felt a little "off" about riding a baby blue bike with a wicker basket, holding a little dog with a pink harness and leash attached.


Tori said...

you two crack me up!

morgan said...

Yay! Good job Brian!!! And I love your bike!!! How cute is that!? I miss you my Bre face!

Steph said...

Haha that's so funny with the scooter! I understand you guys are getting a few additions to your office! I bet you're loving it up there, lots to do! Are there lots of girls to hang out with too?