Wednesday, April 15, 2009

13.1 Miles Here We Come!!!

As you can see I received a lot of interest in my offer from my previous post... cricket sound please... However, I did get a brave volunteer (well sorta) to join me in 13.1 miles of pain! My BFF Morgan Kinyon is the brave little soldier joining me on my mission! Thank you Mo and I hope you still love me on Sunday when you try to get out of bed... Ha ha ha (evil laugh) :)

What a sexy mama!


morgan said...

You know what is weird...I still love you even after you've convinced me to do something that has the strong potential of killing me! :) That my dear is true love! I'm eating my pastas!!!

Tasha and Ryan said...

That is awesome! If I wasn't big and prego I would have totally joined you two!! MY goal after having the baby is a 5k. I figure that willbe pushing me after giving birth ha! =) How areyou?? When do you guys leave for Long Island? Are you so exciteD?