Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Love My Husband

So this whole economic crisis thing is really freaking Brian out and led him to the following predictions:

a. America, Mexico, and Canada are going to get rid of their currencies and unite to use the "Amero"
b. Obama is not only going to minimize gun rights, but he is also going to create his own civilian army
c. There will be another stock market crash by March '09, with more and more banks going bankrupt
d. Although the price of gas and other goods have been low, hyperinflation will hit in the next couple of years. Which means all the silver coins Brian has been buying will actually be valuable
e. The Asian Bird Flu will become a pandemic in the US. Apparently the government is already preparing by building FEMA camps across the nation and stocking them with coffins. Dont forget. The government was behind 9/11.
f. We are going into the "greatest" depression

Don't worry, I get to hear about all of these predictions on a daily basis, it's really interesting...really. I thought I would share these with everyone so if they do come true, I am married to the smartest man alive. However, (Brian)... If they do NOT come true, I am married to the most paranoid man alive. :)


Tasha and Ryan said...

haha! what a cute post! You two are too cute! =)

Tori said...

I'm gonna go with Paranoid.


That's it...I hope.

AVON*Lady said...

Haha, it's sad but some of that could be true... but like I said SOME!!